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Disclaimer* Contents that were previously of food-grade do not mean that any residuals may make new contents safe for human consumption. It simply means that the former contents were of food-grade quality and may sometimes be fully sanitized.

Container Services Florida

If you’re looking to buy used IBC totes, you’ve certainly come to the right place. We sell rinsed, re-bottled, and re-conditioned totes at consistently market-beating rates. Whether you need a rinsed U.N. tote with a butterfly valve, a reconditioned tote with a ball valve, or anything in between, we will have it. Conversely, if you’d like to remove or recycle your used IBC totes, please consider our complimentary pickup service. We will pickup any and all of your used and unwanted IBC totes and incur all costs involved.

Return Program Florida

Our complimentary tote pickup service is available for all customers with used Schutz or Mauser totes. Furthermore, if your IBC totes pass our quality inspection test, we will gladly purchase them from you. Simply fill out our tote seller form, and one of our representatives will contact you to arrange the payment and pickup for your totes.

Buy Containers Florida

We have an abundance of used IBC totes available for sale throughout the Sunshine State. We have both Schutz and Mauser totes in 275 and 330 gallon capacities ranging from rinsed to reconditioned, butterfly to ball valve, available for sale at all times.

IBC Tote Pick Up & Collection Services

We offer a complimentary tote removal service to all of our customers in the great state of Florida. We will pickup totes regardless of their previous contents or valve type. It is of utmost importance to us that IBC totes are handled safely and responsibly.

Sell Totes Florida

We purchase used Schutz and Mauser IBC totes that are in good, reusable condition. Whether your totes previously held food grade or corrosive materials, we will buy them back if they pass our quality inspection test. Totes on wooden pallets are not accepted.