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Used IBC Container Services NJ

There’s a bustling business scene in the Garden State, with economic activity flourishing all around. If you have IBC totes that need disposal, simply fill out our online form. We offer pickup services across New Jersey and neighboring states like New York and Delaware. Just complete the Tote Return form, and one of our representatives will be in touch shortly. Conversely, if you’re in the market to buy an IBC tote, we can connect you with the perfect match through our extensive network. Just request a quote, and we’ll take care of the rest.

IBC Tote Recycling has been proudly serving New Jersey and its neighboring states since 2017. Our extensive network of reconditioners ensures efficient recycling services for totes. We offer complimentary collection services for individuals seeking to dispose of their used containers. Moreover, we supply top-of-the-line totes at competitive prices, meeting all your liquid storage and transportation needs.

How Much Does an IBC Tank Cost in New Jersey?

Here are the prices for IBC tanks in NJ:

  • Dirty Used IBC tanks: $35 to $120.
  • Pre-owned and cleaned: $50 to $120.
  • Refurbished: $125 to $160.
  • Rebottled containers: $150 to $200.
  • New: $250.

IBC Tote Recycling Services in New Jersey

  • Free Tote Pick-ups: IBC Tote Recycling provides complimentary pick-up services for IBC totes throughout New Jersey.
  • Tailored Recycling Solutions: Our team offers customized recycling solutions designed specifically for IBC totes.
  • Skilled Collection and Transportation: Our highly skilled team efficiently collects and transports empty totes from your premises.
  • Environmental Regulation Compliance: We adhere rigorously to environmental regulations to ensure proper recycling or disposal of totes.
  • Eco-conscious Practices: Emphasizing sustainability, we guarantee compliance with industry standards for responsible tote recycling or disposal.
  • Schedule a Pick-up: Contact us today to schedule a pick-up and contribute to sustainable waste management initiatives.

Exploring IBC Container Return Programs in New Jersey

  • Submit a Pickup Request: Fill out our tote pickup request form with your contact information, the number of totes, and how often you generate them. Requests can be submitted anytime, 24/7, and our team will arrange pickup once processed.
  • Gather Pictures & SDS: After your request is processed, gather pictures of the totes, including group, cage, and valve images. Also, include Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to identify previous contents, meeting Department of Transportation requirements.
  • Receive Container Removal Bill of Lading: Upon submission of pictures and SDS, we’ll provide a Bill of Lading (BOL) confirming pickup details. Contact us if any errors are found on the BOL.
  • Review & Payment: If your totes pass inspection, we’ll pay the agreed price per unit within your preferred timeframe. Payment terms are typically established before the first pickup.

IBC Tote Service Form

This form will allow us to better assist you in your exact needs and services you require