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Used Container Disposal Services

IBC Tote Recycling is a market leader in tote removal, reconditioning, and recycling. Our expansive network of tote reconditioners has allowed us to build a nationwide presence in which we guarantee our customers’ satisfaction. It is our goal to provide an environmentally responsible service in accordance with the Department of Transportation’s regulations that is free for all of our customers. Moreover, if you have truckload quantities (60+) of Schutz, Mauser, or Grieft IBC totes that meet our quality standards, we will buy them from you at a mutually agreed upon price.

Because IBC Totes are heavily regulated by federal, state, and local governments, the method in which they are disposed is vitally important to avoid subjection to fines. IBC Tote Recycling ensures that all of your totes will be handled and disposed of properly.

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How it Works

Submit A Tote Request

We made sure that filling out a tote pick up request was as easy as possible. The only information we need is your contact information, the number of totes you would like to be picked up, and how frequently you generate used totes. We made sure that you can submit a pickup request 24 hours, 7 days a week. Once your request has been processed, one of our representatives will contact you to arrange the pick up.

Gather Pictures & SDS

After your tote pickup request has been processed, the next step is to gather some pictures of the totes, and the Safety Data Sheets. We do not need a picture of every tote. We just need a family style picture of all of the totes, a picture of the cages, and a picture of the valves. It is vitally important to include the SDS forms along with the pictures because it is required by the Department of Transportation that we know the totes’ previous contents before we can move them.

Recieve BOL Confirmation

Once the pictures and SDS forms have been submitted, IBC Tote Recycling will issue you a bill of lading (BOL) to confirm the tote pickup. The BOL will have all of the details and shipping logistics, including the pickup date, on the form. If there is anything misprinted on the BOL, please contact a representative at IBC Tote Recycling.

Review & Payment

If your totes passed our quality inspection, the final step in the tote pickup process is the payment. IBC Tote Recycling will pay you the previously agreed upon price per unit in a time frame of your preference. We almost always establish payment terms for tote pick ups with our customers before the first load is ever picked up. It is wholly your preference on a payment schedule.

IBC Tote Collection Programs

Almost all IBC tote collection programs make their customers pay to pick up their totes by either making them pay part of the freight bill, or putting a price on each tote that is picked up. With IBC Tote Recycling, you will never have to pay a dime. In fact, we will actually pay you for your unwanted totes if they pass our quality inspection test. In other words, IBC Tote Recycling will help bring your business to the next level by helping you dispose of your unwanted goods, clearing up warehouse space, and allowing you to continue operations 100% free of charge. No matter where you are located in the continental United States, we will happily send one of our trucks in to pick up all of your totes. The only necessary step is loading the truck, and receiving a check for your goods. We accept all different types of IBC totes and do not discriminate based on location. Our goal is to make the process as quick and easy as possible for all of our customers to ensure a long-lasting and prosperous relationship for all parties involved.

Schutz IBC Tote Returns

Schutz Packaging Systems was founded in 1991, and they are the largest producers of IBC totes in the United States. They produce totes for all types of chemicals, conditions, and circumstances. Some of their most popular totes include the Ecobulk MX, the Ecobulk MX-EX Antistatic Tote, the Ecobulk MX-EX Foodcert Tote, and the Ecobulk MX-EV FDA Tote. All of these totes are multifaceted, and can be used for a myriad of different tasks, but they are specialized for holding and transporting specific types of materials. For example, the Ecobulk MX is an all purpose tote that can be used for holding or transporting any liquids, chemicals, or polymers that you place inside of it. On the other hand, the Ecobulk MX-EX Foodcert Tote is specifically made to carry and transport food grade materials such as olive oil and wine.

Mauser IBC Tote Returns

Mauser is one of the oldest companies in the industrial container industry. They were founded in the late 1800’s in by Doctor Alfons Mauser in Southern Germany. They began producing 330 gallon IBC totes in the 1980’s, and have not looked back since. Much like Schutz, Mauser offers a wide array of IBC totes with various uses and capabilities. One of the primary differentiating factors between Mauser and Schutz is the size of their totes. While Schutz produces primarily 275 gallon IBC totes, Mauser produces a large amount of 330 gallon totes. It is worth noting that the size of the tote is rarely reflected on the price per unit of the tote, and is considered more of a customer preference. One of Mauser’s most popular features is their ability to produce custom made totes.

IBC Tote Pick Up F.A.Q

Q. How many containers fit on a truck?
A. 60 IBC Totes.

Q. Do the containers have to empty?

Q. Do you pay for all totes?
A. No, depending on the location and quality of the container.



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