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Used IBC Totes

At IBC Tote Recycling, you will find the lowest prices on the market for used IBCs. All of these IBCs are still of high quality for re-use.  

Generally, IBC shipping containers are the most expensive industrial packaging.  Reusing and recycling them makes sense.

IBC totes can be washed and refilled about two to three times before they reach the end of their useful life, but also depending on what the IBC has been filled with.

End users in the food industries can reuse IBCs more easily compared to oil or chemical industries.  

For example, an IBC tote filled with milk can be drained, easily cleaned, tested for leaks, and safe for reuse with similar food grade contents. 

However, an IBC tote filled with epoxy or resin won’t be able to be reused as easily because it will be hard to thoroughly clean them, and the chemicals may degrade the inner HPDE, making them unusable. 

Oftentimes end users receive products in an IBC tote, and no longer need the IBC anymore.  IBC Tote Recycling helps these end users list for sale or pickup for proper disposal.  

What sizes do IBC Totes come In?

  • 275 gallons 
  • 330 gallons

What are the dimensions of a used plastic tank?

275 Gallon IBC Tote Tanks Dimensions

40″L x 48″W x 46″H

275 Gallon

135 lbs

275 Gallon IBC Totes

330 Gallon IBC Tote Tanks Dimensions

40″L x 48″W x 54″H

330 Gallons

195 lbs

330 Gallon IBC Tote Dims

What is the definition of an used IBC?

An IBC Tote that has been used at least once to transport, store or handle any liquid material. 

  • A container that once held previous material 
    • Rinsed – A container may be rinsed by the user
    • Triple Rinsed – A container that has been rinsed according to dot/epa standards.
    • Dirty – A container that still contains the previous product
    • Reconditioned – A container that has been cleaned and inspected by an EPA & DOT approved company to do so
    • Rebottled – The HDPE bladder has been removed from the metal cage and replaced with a new one. 
    • Food grade – something that held a product used in food manufacturing or cleaning process

How much does a IBC tank cost?

  • Used Unrinsed – $35 to $120
  • Used Rinsed – $50 to $120
  • Reconditioned – $125 to $160
  • Rebottled – $150 to $200
  • New – $250

How long do IBC totes last?

Typically, containers stay in circulation for 2 years, however they can remain usable for years if they are kept in a dark, room-temperature environment. 

What can I make with a used water tote?

  • Rain barrels
  • Aquaponic Systems
  • Firewood baskets
  • Chicken coops
  • Duck blinds
  • Planters and flower beds
Water ibc tote tank

Why reuse Used Intermediate Bulk Containers?

IBC totes can be reused multiple times if the previous contents were non-hazardous goods, such as food grade products, water, or other sensitive materials.

IBC totes that had chemical agents inside them may only be reused by limited end users. The hazardous good previously inside would have to match the next hazardous good it will be filled with.

Some of these un-reusable IBCs are eligible to be picked up for reconditioning. There is still value remaining in other components such as the cage and pallet.

What can I use a IBC for?

  • Wastewater collection
  • Basic reservoirs and collection of water
  • Non human consumption
  • Firewood 
  • Trashcans
  • etc..

Why should I buy used IBC water tanks?

IBC totes are expensive complex industrial packaging solutions, which can and should be reused.  Buying new totes after a single use is not sustainable, both for your business and our environment.

Buying and reusing used IBC totes can help your business earn higher profits while simultaneously saving money and the environment!

Remember, IBC totes using HPDE bottles are derived from petroleum.  As the cost of crude oil fluctuates, so will the cost of IBC totes.  Therefore the primary and secondary markets for IBCs are never stable.

There are a few grades of used IBC totes, unrinsed, rinsed, triple rinsed, reconditioned and rebottled.

If you buy an unrinsed/rinsed IBC tote, the container may have contents left-over from its previous use.

Rinsed totes have been sprayed down with water, but there is no guarantee that all residuals from previous contents are removed.

We strongly recommend that all buyers and end users rinse out the totes thoroughly upon receipt to avoid any bad reactions.

Where can I find used IBC containers?

  • Craigslist
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Container Exchanger
  • Here at IBC Tote Recycling

What are the dangers of purchasing an used ibc tank?

  • Are not recertified by a professional.
  • A company may reuse a container internally and put a unknown product in the tote 
  • You don’t know what you’re actually getting point above
  • There are many people claiming “food grade” but aren’t actually food safe for human consumption. And should only use a rebottled tote or new tote
  • Mold may grow within in the container and can be harmful to an individual and user

What’s the difference between Hazmat vs Non Hazmat?

Previous contents that are deemed hazmat should not be used by any company or individual and must be cleaned by a professional 

Despite not containing hazardous materials, content can still endanger the user and the environment. The fact that something is not hazmat doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous or illegal to dump on the side of the road.

The containers that held food grade materials may still be hazardous. For example, whiskey and other alcohol products are highly flammable and should be cleaned by a professional.

What type of used tote is the best for me?

Container Condition

At IBC Tote Recycling we take pride in making certain that you buy the proper Tote(s) for your particular needs.

Unrinsed Water Totes

Unrinsed totes are the lowest grade of cleanliness because no measures were taken to clean them out.

Rinsed IBC Tanks

Rinsed totes are one grade above unrinsed totes and are reflected in cleanliness and cost.  Rinsed totes have been washed after use and before resold, but we still recommend you examine and wash the tote before use. 

Triple Rinsed IBC Containers

A container that has been rinsed according to dot/epa standards.

Triple rinsed IBC Totes

A container that has been cleaned by an approved DOT/EPA company and that has been repaired. These totes have a repaired galvanized metal cage and possess a professionally cleaned bottle.

New Bottle

Used Bottles of course, offer a very economical way to save money and to ship or store materials. However, there are applications that demand a new bottle. Any bottle that will carry food-grade, animal-grade or any food product or application requires a new sanitary bottle.

Since these have never before been used and have been sanitized as well-maintained to being offered for sale, there can be no contaminants or residue that might otherwise compromise the quality of contents making sure therefore that they are safe for consumption.

Rebottled IBC Totes

What was in an used IBC Tote?

Former contents

Used bulk containers can be used for a variety of purposes, both personal and commercial. Chemicals, glue, fertilizer, pesticides, water, glue, and other substances can be kept in containers. They have even been used for rain barrels and as a water basin for livestock or to irrigate plants.

For these reasons and others, it is important when you decide to buy a used container to understand its earlier contents as well as our intended use for it.

Unknown Content

We are unable to determine precisely what earlier containers contained when a container is marked unknown. 


Typically a label describing the container will reveal the contents previously held within it. Paints, pesticides, chemicals and other possible hazardous contents not meant for food applications will be clearly labeled as such.


Content that was previously of food-grade does not guarantee that any residuals will render it safe for human consumption. By definition, it signifies that the old contents were of food-grade quality and may sometimes be fully sanitized


A product that has been deemed non-hazardous by the DOT and EPA


The EPA and DOT list health and environmental hazards in section 14 of the product’s safety data sheet.

Pallet Types

The type of pallet used will also affect the cleanliness and reusability of our Totes

Metal Pallet

We prefer the pallets made from galvanized steel which have proven themselves to be extremely durable and reliable.

Plastic Pallet

Generally plastic pallets have an attractive appearance, they remain good-looking and may be reused many times.

Should you need similar tanks, IBC Tote Recycling offers a complete selection of tanks. We carry not only new totes but completely reconditioned totes as well. If the intended use is only for waste materials, we can also offer non-reconditioned industrial containers. While these have no sanitary guarantee, they may be ideal for the storage of your waste. These days, with the growing public awareness of environmental issues combined with everyone’s natural instinct to do our part in protecting our earth, contained storage such as we provide with our used IBC Totes that brings your company the perfect affordable solution.