1. Upon contacting our IBC tote recycling service, we coordinate a pickup time tailored to your business needs, minimizing any disruptions.
  2. We will send the proper paper work and a bill of lading or “BOL”
  3. A third party carrier, equipped with the necessary tools and vehicles, arrives at your site to safely handle and transport the IBC totes.
  4. Please load the tractor trailer with 60 totes with valves facing each other
  5. Once the truck arrives at our facility we will grade the totes and dispose of any damaged or unusable totes
  6. If we have agreed to pay for the totes we will then send payment

First time pickups: If this is your first time working with us please submit the form above and we will reach out to gather photos and safety data sheets of the previously held contents. Upon approval we will schedule a truck to pickup and recycle your containers.

Ongoing: Please feel free to reach out via email, text or phone to schedule a routine pickup.

Typically it takes 2 to 3 days from the day you contacted us to remove your empty totes.

Empty or rinse the remaining contents out the container

Close all valves to avoid any spillage during transport

Stage the totes so that you may easily load the truck

It is very helpful to notify us one week in advance before reaching 60 totes so we may schedule your pickup in a timely manner. Although it is not necessary it helps us reduce freight costs.

60 doubled stacked totes fit on 53″ dry van or a full sized truck.

According to DOT & EPA regulations, your containers must be RCRA empty or have less than 1 inch of material remaining inside the container to comply.

Yes, we offer compensation for used IBC totes. The price depends on various factors including the condition, quantity, and location of the totes. Once we have received all relevant information from you, we will provide a customized quote promptly.

Yes, we do accept damaged IBC totes. However, we request that you limit the number of damaged totes to no more than 10 per pickup. If we receive more than 20 damaged totes, we may either reject the load or charge you for disposal.